Michael Nowarra

Michael Nowarra is a recognized expert in the design, building and optimization of all kinds of alliances, eco-systems and partner networks in the German and European software industry.  While previously working for the big names in the industry (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, BMC, IBM, and others) as well, he focuses on small and mid-sized software vendors for quite some time.

Through his „there is always a solution“-attitude, his innovative approach, his ability to develop successful channel strategies and to execute them hands-on, he provides „Channel Rookies“, „Underdogs“ and „Challengers“ – even from a difficult starting situation – the decisive advantages in the competition for the best partners and their precious resources. He has managed to be a trusted advisor to both the top management and frontline employees.

His range of services includes consulting, coaching, training, microtraings, workshops, keynote speaking and execution programs.

We have choosen Michael Nowarra for 3 reasons: he has a long and successful recruitment track record, he  has developed an extraordinary alliances approach andmost importantly – he proved that he is able to recruit top partners even under very difficult circumstances.“ (Andreas Beerbaum, CEO, SeeTec GmbH)

„Michael is one of those rare individuals who seamlessly combine broad experience in strategic topics with extensive hands-on implementation capabilities. This makes his services even more valuable.“  (Nick Ray, COO, Matchdeck)

„He did it in an unusual way to inspire us for the partnership and to fill it with life from the first day on!“(Kay Siegmeier, Sysing GmbH)

If my husband had the opportunity to go on a journey through time and choose an era in which he would like to immerse himself, his goal would be the renaissance. Why? The birth of modern man, who asks instead of relying on given patterns, who is equally open to science as well as to art and music, and who is also not averse to enjoyment, meets his nature. Entirely rooted in the here and now, this time would suit him as well, the time of da Vinci , Michelangelo and Galilei, but also that of a Machiavelli.“ (Maria Nowarra, Spouse & Inspiration)