Michael Nowarra

If I had the opportunity to go on a journey through time and choose an epoch to immerse myself in, my goal would be the Renaissance: the birth of Modern Man who demands instead of relying on given patterns, open to science and the like for art and music, but who is not averse to enjoyment. The time da Vincis and Michelangelo, but also that of a Michiavelli.

My Know-How

Channels and EcoSystems, Managing Innovation, Strategy, Multiparty Innovation and Strategic Alliances, Internationalization, Merger & Acquisition, b2b-Software, EMEA, Operational Strategy, Coaching, Consulting

My Hashtags

#innovation #entrepreneurship #strategy #coaching #consulting #differentiation #disruption #change #opportunities #executivedilemma

I like

respecting people, being courageous, taking over responsibility, creativity, empathy and humanity in business, innovation combined with entrepreneurship, open-mindedness, and of course

my family, photography, jazz, expressionism, Berlin, cuban cigars, Carribean rum

I don’t like

complacency, being pretentious, taking everything dead seriously, me-too, standstill, as-usual, a day without art, a day without my wife

My favorite saying

“There are 40 types of madness, but only 1 kind of common sense” (Bantu wisdom)

My special power

making something outstanding out of what’s available